10-year-old Brave Girl Told Her Parents She Wanted To Help Her Brother Who Was Suffering From A Rare Illness

Could you ever imagine what love exists between brother and sister? Lexie Till, only ten, demonstrated her love for her brother with a bone marrow transplant to help cure him of a rare blood disease. Did Lexie and Drew come out of it OK? To find out, you will have to see the rest below.

Drew, only three, had Diamond Blackfan anaemia, a condition that leads to the body producing no or few red blood cells.

When it finally came down to it, Lexie was found to be a match, and she volunteered to do it, in spite of the pain she would have to endure and the risk to her health.





This disease is really rare (only 700 known cases) and painful (requiring monthly blood transfusions and treatments to remove excess iron).


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