10 Yr Old Boy Gives All His Saving To The Parents Who Had Lost Their Teenage Son.

Young children love to have their own piggy banks so they can buy whatever their hearts desire. Well, sometimes those precious little hearts want to help others, and here are 9 stories about children getting into their piggy banks for very unselfish reasons.

1. 18-year-old Brent Price of Memphis, Tennessee, was killed in a car crash.

During a memorial in his honor in his neighborhood, 10-year-old Max wanted to make a contribution to the family, so he went back to his house, and took out the three dollars that was in his piggy bank.

On the way out, he also took some change from his mom’s purse. But Max still didn’t think that was enough. So he again went back home and took out the $20 from the special savings he had that was for a guitar of his own. He did this because he knew Brent’s family needed it more than him.

Max’s kind gesture came back to him 10-fold, as a man who had heard what Max had done bought him that guitar that he wanted.

2. Alex Croston’s school in Manchester had raised quite a bit of money for it Poppy Appeal fund, but thieves broke into the school and stole it.

6-year-old Alex was not happy about that at all, so he wrote a letter to the school’s headmaster, Tony Lasan, and it included about $8 in change.

The letter said: “This is out of my money box to help toward the stolen money from the poppy appeal.”

Lasan said the young boy’s kind gesture brought a tear to his eye.

3. Shelby, a mother of 2, was working hard to raise money for a walk/run event that would raise awareness for polycystic ovary syndrome.

Then one day, when she was walking through her kitchen, she found a note that said “Mommy” from her 6-year-old son, along with a few dollars and some change from his piggy bank, money he had been saving up from doing his chores to buy a Spider-Man toy.

When Shelby asked him why he left her the money, he told her, “I know it’s not a lot, but you work hard too, mommy. And those pretty ladies need your help more than I need Spider-Man.”

Shelby reached her $1,000 goal for the event and even a little extra and some of that little extra, the amount of her son’s donation, went right back into his piggy bank.

4. A little 5-year-old girl in Ishpeming, Michigan, did something very special when she found out one of her friends did not have enough money to buy milk at their school. Sunshine Oelfke broke into her piggy bank, put the money into a baggy, and took it to her school to pay for her friend’s milk.

When it was discovered that several other children at the school could not afford milk, Sunshine’s grandmother broke into her own piggy bank, donating the commissions she made from her job to take care of all of them.

Then Sunshine started a GoFundMe page to raise $700 to cover her classes’ milk cost for the entire semester. Now that’s one smart little girl, as she raised more than $7,000.

5. When a 6-year-old boy learned that his school’s playground had been terribly damaged by vandals through arson, he was not happy.

Thomas Webb had been putting money into his piggy bank for quite some time, but NOBODY messes with HIS playground and gets away with it. So he donated his savings for the repair work.

Councilman Sean Hornby said: “I am humbled by the kind offer of little Thomas Webb who has offered his pocket money out of his piggy bank to repair the park. I want to visit this young child and give him an assurance that the park will be repaired as soon as possible.”

6. For the last two years, Officer Kyle Zulauf has been battling pancreatic cancer. So a fund-raising event was planned.

When 4-year-old Sidney Fahrenbruch heard about that, she decided she wanted to help the policeman, so she went to the police department and gave Officer Dave Bonday her piggy bank money so he could get it to the ailing officer.

Bonday told her, “I bet he is going to have a big thank-you for you,” before hugging her and adding, “And you get a second hug for bringing this in.”

7. In Roxbury, New Jersey, 9-year-old Wyatt Glasser lost his grandfather last year. But before his grandfather passed, he emphasized to Wyatt that giving to others and being generous is a very important thing in life. That stayed on Wyatt’s mind.

So recently, Wyatt decided to “give back,” and donated the $10 in his piggy bank to help buy supplies for the Roxbury Social Services Food Pantry. He even volunteered his time to help set up items on the pantry’s shelves.

8. In San Jose, California, burglars broke into a home and stole a bunch of things, including a little 6-month-old puppy named Meeko.

The dog’s owner, 10-year-old Marissa, was devastated, and soon after, she and her mother went on TV pleading with the crooks to return her little dog and she would give them the money in her piggy bank.

Her mother, Maria, said this whole ordeal was breaking Marissa’s heart. But a woman spotted the little dog wandering around in a parking lot not long after the TV segment, and returned it to Marissa.

When Marissa offered the woman her piggy bank, the woman refused, just like a good Samaritan should.

9. 8-year-old Bella Marquez had been putting coins in her polka-dotted piggy bank for the last four years, ever since her aunt gave it to her. And now, it was full. So, instead of buying something really nice for herself, she donated it to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital – all $965.61 of it.

Bella’s mom, Erika, was very touched by her daughter’s selfless donation. Bella said she wanted to help the parents of St. Jude’s patients, so they don’t have to worry about paying for things.

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