101-Year-Old Mom Wants Out Of The Car Immediately. Son Captures Footage That Has Everyone Laughing.

His mom was 101 years old, and Armand was treasuring every moment with her. One day he was driving her through the snow as more snow was falling, and he decided he need to stop and turn around.

Before he could get going again, Armand’s mom tapped him on the arm and told him to stop. She then flung open her door, got out and step into the snow.


Armand had a camera with him so he grabbed it and started snapping shots and videotaping his mom. What was she doing, he thought, as she bent down and started moving the snow with her bare hands. His mom, at 101 years old, was making snowballs, and throwing them into the air with all the excitement of a little 10-year-old girl.


She was absolutely loving it… laughing and smiling the whole time. It was a beautiful moment between a mother and her son. And it will be a treasured image of Armand’s mom long after she’s gone, as he shares it proudly with others.

Check out the video below. 

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