101-Yr-Old Woman Got To Hold Great-Granddaughter For The 1st Time Days Before Passing Away.

Rosa Camfield was born in a different period and experienced many things. Her life was full of activity and excitement, and she had a treasure box full of memories.

Camfield was known as a smart and cheerful woman. She became a teacher in her 40s, and the Michigan woman obviously liked telling stories. Camfield, who was born on June 13, 1913, was lucky and spent many decades with her loved ones.

A photo of the older woman went viral unexpectedly. Sarah Hamm, Camfield’s granddaughter, posted a photo of her grandma and her two-week-old baby—there was a 101-year age gap between them!

Camfield treasured the time when baby Kaylee slept sweetly in her great-grandmother’s arms. She had lived through the Great Depression and had had many highs and lows in her life, yet connecting with her family was a joy.

101 year difference.

Posted by Life of Dad on Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Camfield, however, did not get the opportunity to spend years with the newest family member and died shortly after the picture was captured, making it a melancholy memory.

Hamm had no idea the picture would receive millions of likes and shares, but it did. Many netizens were captivated by it, and it elicited an emotional reaction from many. Hamm described how her grandma might have reacted to the attention that her grandmother would have liked this. She’d definitely scream at her for snapping a poor photo of her, but she’d probably admit it makes her heart melt.

Camfield, who rediscovered love at the age of 80 with her childhood lover, will be mourned by those who knew her. They were glad, though, for the many years they had spent with her.

Camfield unintentionally sparked an internet sensation in her final days. Apart from her picture with Kaylee, several individuals choose to share their own multigenerational photo experiences.

Thousands of individuals posted photos that included up to five generations in one shot. The trip meant everything to Hamm and her family since it preserved their grandmother’s memories.

Lynn Vine, Camfield’s youngest daughter, claimed that her mother was a warrior who never gave up.

While Camfield is no longer present, Hamm is glad she was able to record an extraordinary moment between her daughter and grandma, which she and Kaylee will remember forever.

However, Hamm was ecstatic by the attention to her photo.

First holiday without my Mom, and it had to be Mother’s Day. Missing you.. Sending hugs abobe

Posted by Lynn Vine on Sunday, 10 May 2015

The internet community was moved by the touching snapshot. It represented the meeting of endings and new beginnings—many people expressed their sympathies, while others wished the family luck.

Camfield didn’t have much time with her adored great-granddaughter, but one moment was all she needed. She is presently watching over Kaylee.

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