11-year-old makes frantic 911 call to report mom being killed by stepdad.

According to Indiana officials, an 11-year-old girl desperately dialled 911 as her mom was being killed by her stepfather. According to the Clarks County Sheriff’s Office, suspect Mac Lewis shot Elizabeth Bennett Lewis in front of her daughter and the child’s 10-year-old playmate at the family’s Sellersburg home on Friday. 

According to investigators, the two children were “in close proximity” when Lewis fired the rifle. As indicated by a press statement from the sheriff’s office, “several bullets were located throughout many rooms and places of the property.” “The first 911 caller in this incident was Ms. Lewis’s kid; she dialled while Mac Lewis was still aggressively firing his rifle around the home, eventually shooting and murdering her mom.” 

Bennett Lewis, a nurse, was discovered dead with several gunshot wounds when sheriff’s officers arrived, according to authorities. Lewis had escaped by the time officials arrived, yet he was apprehended by Sellersburg police after being pulled over on a state highway. According to sheriff’s officials, Mac Lewis isn’t the dad of the 11-year-old daughter. He faces murder, attempted murder, and criminal recklessness with a firearm charges. 

Laryy Wilder a spokesperson for Bennett Lewis family stated that the Bennett family has asked that they be allowed a time alone to lament the loss of Lizzie to this terrible act of murder. They request that everyone take the time to remember her as a wonderful mother, a kind sister, and a cherished daughter. The statement said that Lizzie dedicated her brief life to caring for and assisting others. Becoming a nurse was just an extension of her ambition to make the world a better place for everybody. Her two children, relatives, and everyone who knew and loved her will miss her. 

May her beautiful soul rest in peace. Prayers for the children and the family.

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