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12-yr-old buys $11,300 in Christmas presents for kids he doesn’t know after selling popcorn.

Being a Boy Scout necessitates the motivation and desire to go where most others would not. Simply said, it’s not for everyone; Scouts are cut from a different cloth.

Anyone who doubts the genuineness of that remark simply has to look at 12-year-old Jonathan Werner, a youngster with a golden heart and, by the looks of it, a very bright future in sales if he chooses to follow it.

According to reports, Jonathan of Cambridge, Minnesota, raised enough money this year to buy $11,300 worth of Christmas presents for children he does not know.

One may wonder how- by selling popcorn.

Salespeople don’t come much more natural-born than Jonathan Werner, a Star Scout in Troop 506.

Jonathan, who is only 12 years old, is selling boxes of Boy Scout popcorn throughout eight counties. And he’s doing an outstanding job at it.

He always receives employment offers, Jonathan’s mom stated. Which is ironic, considering he’s only 12.”

The popcorn is brought to Jonathan’s house on a pallet. From there, he attempts to make the impossible possible big time, adopting ways and procedures to get away from as many bags of popcorn as feasible.

Jonathan said he raised $46,194 in popcorn last year.

Naturally, Jonathan is the top cub salesperson in Minnesota and one of the top three in the United States.

This year, a few weeks after selling his several batches of cookies, he utilized a portion of the reward money to purchase Christmas gifts for children living in a domestic violence shelter.

He reads everything every kid writes and tries to find something he thinks they’ll appreciate, Jonathan’s mother revealed.

One might ask where Jonathan finds the desire to sell that much popcorn (this year he raised an astonishing $56,396, exceeding last year’s total by $10,000).

His father was in foster care as a child, Jonathan explained. It didn’t sound like they had a very Merry Christmas.”

Jonathan’s goal for this year is to buy 600 gifts for underprivileged children. All of these presents add up to around $11,300, he stated.

All he wishes for Christmas is to make them happy and let them realize they are loved and cherished.

A 7th grader just bought $11,300 worth of toys for kids he doesn't even know. Jonathan Werner is giving Christmas gifts to every foster child in four Minnesota counties and part of a fifth. Jonathan bought the toys with his share of the proceeds after selling $56,300 worth of Boy Scout popcorn. Here's the full story: Boyd Huppert's Land of 10,000 Stories

Posted by KARE 11 on Monday, 19 December 2022

Jonathan is a very inspirational young man. I only wish the world had more individuals like him.

What are your thoughts? Doesn’t this Boy Scout deserve some recognition and affection for what he does?

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