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15-Month-Old Toddler Found Dead In His Home Strapped In Seat After His Mother Fatally Overdosed.

Nicholas Crowder, a 15-month-old child, was discovered dead in his house on Butler Road in Portland, Tennessee, while strapped in his car seat. A probation officer went to the residence, finding it locked, and looked through a window to observe a woman lying lifeless on the floor and a small girl running about the house.

The probation officer “doing a house visit spotted an evident medical issue, therefore 911 was dialed. According to the autopsy report, Sumner County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrived at the site. Once inside, they discovered that the lady on the floor, Tiffany Spears, 32, was dead with no evident indications of trauma.

Unfortunately, Spears’ 15-month-old son Nicholas was also discovered dead, but his three-year-old sister was miraculously surviving. Both deaths were deemed accidental by the medical examiner, but autopsies would expose the horrible mistake the mom made that lost her son his life.

According to the autopsy, Spears overdosed on amphetamine and fentanyl after buckling her toddler son into his car seat. Her corpse was located on the bathroom floor, and she had been dead for many days before it was discovered. Inside the house, officers found drug paraphernalia, but most sadly, Nicholas was discovered dead, strapped in his car seat on the floor of a bedroom.

Spears’ toxicology report revealed meth and fentanyl in her system, and an autopsy later determined what officials believed: the mom died of a drug overdose while at home alone with her kids, leaving them with no one to care for them, resulting in the death of little Nicholas Crowder.

Although it was unknown how long Nicholas had been dead when he was discovered, malnutrition and dehydration were confirmed to be his causes of death. In simple terms, this woman went on a drinking binge and died, leaving her 15-month-old boy strapped in his car seat, starving to death, but it gets worse.

Nicholas’s three-year-old sister, who was discovered alive inside the house after their mom died, appears to have attempted to care for the small child before he died. It appears the decedent’s sister attempted to care for the victim for several days, according to the autopsy. According to the medical examiner, food, including dried eggs and eggshells, was discovered in and around his vehicle seat.

Sadly, the little girl’s obvious efforts to save her brother were all in vain, and Nicholas Crowder perished despite his 3-year-old sister’s great attempts. As a precaution, the small girl, who had been wandering around the closed house unattended with her deceased mother and sibling confined inside with her, was sent to the hospital for treatment.

As if Nicholas Crowder’s death wasn’t inexcusable, investigators claimed there had been additional drug-related deaths at the residence, which was a rental property, although it wasn’t apparent if those deaths were tied to the current or past renters.

The notion that the dead were discovered by a probation officer, on the other hand, leads many to conclude that this was far from the first warning of problems, irrespective of whether the earlier drug-related fatalities were tied to Spears or the previous tenants.

Individuals frequently assert that drug usage is a victimless crime. But, the death of Nicholas Crowder seemed to suggest otherwise. While the hazards of substance misuse are evident to the user, individuals around them are frequently caught in the crosshairs as well, enduring the repercussions of the abuser’s behavior.

Substance misuse harms more than only the psychological, emotional, and physical health of individuals who use it. Others are also put at risk. Remember Nicholas and his sister if you have any doubts. One kid died, and the other will be haunted by the horror she experienced. That’s hardly victimless, in my opinion.

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