16 Y.O. Stepson Deliberately Waters His Stepdad’s Plants With Bleach, Stepdad Cancels Their Family Trip To Discipline Him.

While concentrating on your profession and education is always useful, it is more vital to surround yourself with things that you know will calm you and somewhat detach you from the outside world when you actually need it. Furthermore, it is beneficial to keep oneself active. This step dad in the story loved gardening but his step teen son transcends all limits and purposefully destroys the things the stepfather greatly cared about. Read this story and let su know your thoughts on it.

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I grow indoor plants and keep them around the house whether by the kitchen window or out on the front porch. I have a variety of plants like Lily, aloe vera, also flowers and they all require care and attention. It’s a hobby of mine and because I don’t own enough space I just stick to indoor planting.

I have a 16 year old stepson Sean who loves to pull all kinds of pranks and has been trying some weird-pranks on me lately. I don’t mind it as long as he’s happy and also because nothing is too serious just hiding my farming tools/replacing them with damaged ones and so on. He just keeps messing around like any other kid.

A few days ago he posted a FB video of him spraying cold water on me when I was sleeping. It was embarrassing since he shared it with family. I got mad at him and had him delete it despite him begging me to let him keep it. He kept sulking afterwards and had his mom try to convince me to let him repost the video but I thought that was a crazy request. Sean suddenly became friendly and asked if he could water my plants, I was glad he asked and gave him the watering can and told him to start with the plants in the kitchen. He was gone for a few minutes then he got back and started watering all the plants in the house.

Later in the evening I was cleaning my tools and there was a weird smell coming from the watering can. It smelled like bleach. I freaked out and checked my plants and the same smell was coming from them. I confronted Sean and asked what he watered the plants with. He acted dumb and said nothing but I found a bottle of bleach in his room which made me lose my temper. He admitted watering my plants with bleach to get back at me for making him remove the video.

I was mortified. I immediately canceled the weekend trip to the national park that he was looking forward to. He started crying saying it was too much and he made a mistake in a moment of clouded judgement. I refused to discuss it, My wife feels bad Sean hasn’t been eating well since I canceled the trip but he damaged my plants and caused me hurt and pain. She thinks an apology was enough, he is a kid and made a mistake. She wanted me to let it go but I said canceling the trip is his official punishment, Period I got called unreasonable and stubborn for this and that I don’t respect her as a parent too and said taking away the only thing he cares about the most and look forward the most reeks of ab%$&se.

Sean has this mentally that if he admits doing something wrong then he’ll be forgiven. This isn’t how it should be but his mother thinks admitting to it and apologizing should be the end of it. What are your opinions? Did I over react? Please don’t be afraid to criticize. Thank you for your time in advance.

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