16 Y.O. Who Knows Ancient Greek Challenges Her Sunday School Teacher’s Bible Translation And Gets Kicked Out.

We believe that those who teach us new things are the most knowledgeable, and we are simply soaking up their knowledge. But, in fact, no one knows everything, and criticizing them should be viewed as a chance to learn for themselves rather than being angry that a student dared to challenge their instruction, as is often the case, particularly in schools. A similar situation took place in this story below where a 16-year-old Sunday school student who observed the teacher was interpreting the Bible wrong and called it out. This was not well received, and the youngster was evicted, much to the chagrin of her parents. Read the story and share your views on this.

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I am in the drama this week. I (16F) got myself kicked out of Sunday school at my step-dad’s church this weekend. My mom married Brad earlier this year. He has 4 kids (12F, 10M, 9M, 7M) that are with him most of the time, and to say their family is religious is like the understatement of all time. The daughter has to wear skirts all the time and can’t cut her hair and they’re all at church at least 3 times a week and have like family Bible time and stuff every day. I wouldn’t care except that now that my mom and Brad are married they expect me to participate and that’s just not my bag. I think it’s superstitious misogynistic nonsense and I always leave stuff at their church feeling icky. I tried to get my mom to let me go to my dad’s on Sundays to avoid conflict but that’s a nonstarter so far, so I try to avoid talking about it but Brad is like making it his personal mission to get me “saved” or something so the subject comes up regularly.

I finally put my foot down about not wanting to go to church with them and it turned into a big argument and my mom asked me to just go and keep the peace for the younger kids because it’s something we do as a family. So, I go and mostly just read, but I don’t lie about why I’m there or my religion if someone asks me a question. It pisses Brad and my mom off, but I figure if they don’t like it they can let me stay home.

The problem is that the Sunday school teacher for my age group is a real piece of work and thinks we’re all stupid because we’re teenage girls. So he likes to go into a lot of biblical Greek translation stuff to make himself look smart. The only thing is he’s almost always totally wrong. My dad sends me to private school and I took 2 years of Ancient Greek (taking Latin now) and I know he’s bullshi**ing people. So I brought an interlinear New Testament and a Koine Greek dictionary with me this week and when he got started I corrected him. Not mean, but just like “Wow, that’s not what it says here at all, can you explain more?” and “Oh, that’s weird because that’s not how Brill defines that word.”

Dude was turning red by the end of it and asked me to stop interrupting, so I just shrugged and said I was trying to learn. He told the pastor and the pastor told Brad that I’m not allowed to come to Sunday school anymore because I’m disrespectful. So Brad and my mom are mad and want me to apologize for derailing class instead of just getting through quietly, but I don’t know. Am I A Jerk ?

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