2-Month-Old Baby Survives For Days On Top Of Dead Mom’s Body By Chewing On Hand.

By gnawing on his hand, a 2-month-old infant survives for days on top of his deceased mother’s body. Danielle, rest in peace.

Adriane Wade, according to heartbreaking accounts, was sent to her daughter’s residence at Four Oaks Apartments in Louisville, Kentucky on August 18 to identify her corpse.

Adriane was informed that her daughter had died, but that her grandchild was still alive and resting on top of her corpse.

Adriane said the last time she saw her daughter, Danielle Wade, alive as she and her kids were in her house. They went to class. They had a pleasant day. Friday the 13th was hilarious.”

Unfortunately, she would get the call that every parent fears from Louisville Metro Police Department detectives less than a week later.

Adriane described the situation as decomposing for days with her tiny baby, her little infant, resting on top of her.

That baby in the flat when she was decomposing, his hand was raw from attempting to feed in order to survive.

Dreseaun, the baby, is presently in the hospital suffering from dehydration and hand injuries.

It’s remarkable since God is at work, she explained. God is present. It’s very amazing. He ate his hand whole. He was trapped for days without any means of life.

The Louisville Metro Police Department verified Danielle’s death by overdose on Wednesday.

She can’t imagine how her week ended, her mom said. She can’t believe everything occurred that fast. Life is so brief, and it simply occurred like that.

Dreseaun is anticipated to heal fully.

What a heartbreaking story. Danielle, rest in peace. Thank God, her 2-month-old baby survived.

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