2-year-old “sweet boy” found dead half a mile from home after going missing in the middle of the night

On September 11, a youngster went missing from his house in an Oklahoma neighborhood in the middle of the night. On September 12, two-year-old Ares Muse was discovered dead half a mile from his home.

Ares was last seen at his residence on tribal land at 1.30 a.m., after he had gone to bed with his parents, according to his dad. When they awoke at 6.30 a.m. and couldn’t find Ares, Nikita, Ares’ father, filed a missing person report. According to Jason Salsman, a Muscogee Nation spokesperson, tiny Ares allegedly was able to escape through three locked doors.

A multi-agency search was begun, and it took 12 hours for all involved, such as drones, boats, horseback riders, and dog handlers, to properly search the local forest region surrounding Cromwell. The hunt and inquiry, according to Eric Foster of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, involved a number of entities from the tribal, local, state, and federal levels.

The boy’s body was recovered half a mile away from their house at 6.30 p.m. All day long, they wished for a happy conclusion, and they didn’t get it, Salsman said of the terrible situation. Nothing, he says, can take away the effort and how they need to be there in their hearts and thoughts for this family. 

Foster agreed, saying, a large number of people come out wishing to assist, and that’s simply Oklahoma, and they are pleased to be a part of it. However the death has not yet been ruled a homicide, a formal investigation is underway, and the boy’s family is cooperating with authorities.

Ares’ grandmother Brandi Gaither described him as the happiness and joy of the family, saying he adored decorating Easter eggs and working with his father. She stated on her GoFundMe, which is no longer taking donations, that her loving grandson was a beautiful kid, noting that he was just ahead of his third birthday. He adored his mother, father, and sister and was like a second son to his aunt. The void left in all of their hearts will never be filled, the page states.

The admin of the Facebook group Bringing Home Missing People and Those Who Are Unidentified offered her sorrow in a post. Her sympathies go out to everyone who knows angel areas. Angel, fly high! she penned a letter.

According to a notice on Parks Brothers Funeral Homes’ website, the child’s funeral services were held on September 19. The kid liked comic books, particularly Spiderman, as well as playing with balls, bath time, and riding bikes, according to the obituary.

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