2 Yr Old Get An Ultimate Surprise From His Favorite Trash Man.

2-year-old Evan Brenneman was just fascinated by the big orange Ray’s Trash Service truck every time it made a stop at the young boy’s house in Plainfield, Indiana. That fascination was so much that the little boy and the truck’s driver, James Bullock, soon became friends.

Back in mid-December, Evan was out on the sidewalk with his mom, Natalie, when the big truck stopped at his house. James got out and walked up to Evan, surprising him with a backpack FULL of fun stuff. Inside the backpack was a T-shirt, a beanie, stickers and a really nice toy orange garbage truck.

Thank you Ray's Trash Service! 🧡🎗💙 TeamEvan.org

Posted by Natalie Brenneman on Thursday, 13 December 2018

Says Natalie about her son, who has watched for the big truck since he was about 9 months old: “We can hear it coming down the road, so he would run to the window and watch it. Oh my gosh, my heart bursts every time. I know he’s in the middle of his workday and probably wants to get it done quickly, but he stops and talks to Evan. He always gets down on his level, looks him in the eye, gives him a hug and offers him a high-five.”

When James noticed that young Evan had been intently watching him and his truck, he popped out of it one day and asked his mother if she wanted him to show her son the inside of the truck.

Well that was a very good day for Evan, who has a genetic disorder that makes him constantly think he’s hungry. It’s called Prader-Willi Syndrome, and Ray’s Trash Service has twice sponsored the family on its annual walk to raise awareness and funding for research.

The family and James have become so close that he was even invited to an early celebration of Evan’s 3rd birthday. And, of course, he showed up. 

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