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22-yr-old raising little brother after mom & dad passed away is gifted new home for them both.

As kids, we assume that our parents will always be there to support us, love us endlessly, or just answer the phone when we need somebody to speak to.

The day we have to say our last goodbyes is usually a sad one, and moving on with our lives is one of the most difficult things many of us will ever have to do.

Jaylan, 22, and Julian Gray, 12, of Katy, Texas, know precisely how it feels. They just lost both parents, leaving Jaylan to raise his younger brother on his own.

Undoubtedly, the magnitude of the undertaking was overwhelming, made worse by the reality that their property had been severely damaged by Hurricane Harvey and the 2021 freeze.

Jaylan had vowed his mom before she died that he would watch after Julian and make sure he was nurtured properly.

Being a stand-in father at age 22 is, of course, not easy, and the problem with the brothers’ home made things even worse.

He was simply done with the home at one point, Jaylan stated. At one time, he was prepared to sell it. It was too much for his shoulders. It was impossible for him.

Luckily, assistance was on hand. Katy Responds, a disaster recovery group, heard about Jaylan and Julian’s experience and wanted to do all they could to help.

They were quickly joined by a large group of volunteers, and plans quickly got underway to find a place for the siblings to live.

There’s absolutely no way they could’ve lived in it and possibly would’ve never restored it, Katy Responds Executive Director Ron Peters said of the ancient house.

In only three months, the charity was able to completely renovate Jaylan and Julian’s house, while the local Lakewood Church outfitted it for them.

He wishes him to live in a secure environment and desires him to be able to live in peace for a few years, Peters told the lads. This is their specialty. It’s arduous labor. It’s not a profit job, yet they do it for those men.

The boys were given a tour of their freshly renovated house last week.

Jaylan responded that he was astounded, which was far more than they had asked for. He is really thankful.

Julian, 12, noted that the initiative had given him and his brother newfound hope.

It makes him so pleased to realize that there are decent individuals in the world. He really enjoys how they’ve been handled. Julian said he didn’t expect anything wonderful to happen.

The guys are now ready to go on a new adventure in their lives. It won’t be easy, yet they have each other and a new house to help them build precious memories and prepare for their destiny.

What a thoughtful gesture! I’m overjoyed that Jaylan and Julian have been given a glimpse of hope at such a trying time in their lives.

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