3 Yr. Old Girl Who Lost An Eye Receives A GIFT Her Mom Had NEVER EXPECTED.

When you’re young and different from others, it can be a scary world. But when others show they care, it can really be something special, and here’s a story where love conquers all.

Little Brynn LOVES animals. They mean an awful lot to her. Sadly, this little girl, this 2-year-old who shows a happy love for all of God’s creations, lost her left eye because of a horrible cancer. Her mom, Danielle, loves her daughter more than anything, and always wants her to be happy and loving… and strong and courageous.

But Brynn was starting to realize that she was very different from other little boys and girls. So one day, Danielle contacted Jessica Sebastian. Jessica owns Sebastian Design, where she creates stuffed animals. And Danielle made a very special request: Could Jessica make her young daughter a stuffed animal with just one eye?

In doing so, Danielle was hoping to restore a little faith in her daughter. And this was a very special request for Jessica, who said, “To date, I don’t think I’ve ever been asked to create something so tender and meaningful.”

So a short time later, during her birthday party on March 25, Brynn was given her very special stuffed animal…. a bunny with only one eye.

Says mom Danielle: “She smiled so big and then she could not open the rest of her presents until we got the bunny out of her box and she could show her off to all her cousins and family.”

It was a magical moment for everyone at the party. Brynn quickly named her new friend “Sparkle,” saying “She matches me!” And Sparkles’ creator, Jessica, was touched by the young girl’s happiness.

Says Jessica of a particular photo taken that day: “My favorite part of this photo is how she is wearing her Wonder Woman nightgown. It perfectly represents the strength and courage of this little superhero.”

And a little superhero she truly is.

I make dolls, which is not a heroic profession by any means. But recently I was asked to make a doll for a little girl…

Posted by Sebastian Design on Sunday, 26 March 2017

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