4 Yr Old Girl’s Bond With An 82 Yr Old Widower Is Going Viral.

Little Nora was being pushed in a shopping cart through the grocery store by her mom, Tara. Then, as they were passing an elderly man, the girl shouted out, “Hi, old person!! It’s my birthday today!!”

Mom Tara was shocked and embarrassed, but the man, who had a grim look on his face before Nora spoke up, softened his face, and smiled. “How old are you today?” he asked Nora.

“Four!” she shouted, with her fingers springing into the air to show him.

The two talked for awhile and became friends, with Tara even taking a picture of the two of them. Later, she posted about it on Facebook, and someone who recognized him told Tara that his name was Dan Peterson, and he was 82 years old. It was also discovered that his wife had died recently and he was all alone.

So Tara reached out to him and Mr. Dan, as they call him, Tara and Nora have been good friends ever since.

Says Mr. Dan of Nora: “She has shown me a depth of love, a depth I didn’t know existed.”

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