4Yr Old Gets To Join The Police Department.

Now when you were I dunno, maybe 9 or 10 years old, had an imagination that was beyond anything. You would have so much of fun playing dress up and being a commando or my favorite, being a police officer. But that was all fun and games. It wasn’t the real thing. and here are 11 Kids who got to be cops for a day.

1. Meet our little recruit from covert township, Michigan. She’s just 4 years old and is the youngest member of the west Michigan police department.

Little Skylar Sturdevant is a special kid, she suffers from an illness that makes her feel feverish and sick very often. For staying strong, and having the courage to battle this illness, she was made an honorary police officer.

She says, she wants to be a firefighter when she grows up, but till she’s small, she wants to wear her favorite color blue and be a police officer.

2. This 13 year old knows that his chances of growing up and living his dreams are slim. Gage Hancock Stevens is a special boy who lives under some very special circumstances. He’s almost completely blind due to a rare brain tumor that affected his optic nerves and stole his sight.

Gage has always dreamed of becoming a police officer – it’s what he wanted to be when he grew up. But since he was just in eighth grade, he had a long way to go before even having that chance. That’s why the Make A Wish foundation made it their goal to make sure Gage knew what it was like to be a police officer, at least once!

Together, the foundation and the Bellevue Police Department in Washington gave the little boy a day he would never forget. Gage was given a uniform and spent the day patrolling with Bellevue Police officer Maj. John Manning.

He participated in virtual target practice, learned about crime investigations, and responded to a staged break-in at Microsoft’s Global Security Office in Bellevue. Once his day with the officers was over, everyone knew who the real hero was…

3. While most kids in India’s dream city Mumbai want to be either entertainers or actors or celebrities, this young 7 year old girl wants to protect her country by being in the police force.

Mehek is fighting with bone cancer, her cancer is at the last stage with just a 15% survival rate. She’s always wanted to wear a police uniform. With the efforts of make a wish foundation and the Mumbai police department, Mehek was granted her wish.

Dressed up as a police officer, the spirited and smiling child spent hours at Mumbai’s Police Station, saluting and interacting with policemen.

4. Adam, the son of Susan and John Brodersen, was born with a rare heart defect called hypoplastic left heart syndrome and lives day-to-day with an undetermined life span, his mother said. His biggest chance of living a normal adult life is a pacemaker or heart transplant.

Adam says he’s always wanted to be a cop and put bad guys behind bars and to be nice to the citizens.

7 year old Adam Brodersen was sworn in as an honorary police sergeant by the Buffalo Grove police dept. A full day of police activities were planned for Adam. Adam got fit with his own mini-uniform, with belt and handcuffs.

He was given a tour of the police station with his mom, dad and 3 year old sister. He explored a squad car, tanker and visited a shooting range.

A mock home break-in was also set up for him to investigate. He’ll end the day by finding the “bad guy” and cuffing him.

5. Solving crimes, working as a cop, working with the SWAT team, bomb squad and sworn in as a police officer by the Boise Police department – all in one day….that’s a lot for an 8 year old kid.

Rashid of Boise, Idaho suffers from cancer but when asked what he wanted to be, he said a police officer, because that’s an awesome job. He visited the local fire department to return stolen goods.

In his honor, the mayor of Boise made Aug 21st officially as Officer Rashid Day. His day came to a close when he got to meet the Denver Broncos at the Albertsons Stadium to return a stolen hammer.

He spent the rest of the evening with the Broncos players on the sidelines watching them play.

6. The Denver Police Department recently granted the wish of six-year-old Olivia Gant. Olivia is terminally ill with a neurological disorder.

After a month in the hospital, she was brought home to hospice. “She’s in intestinal failure,” Olivia’s mother, Kelly Gant, told the Denver Police. “We don’t know how much longer she has.”

Olivia created a bucket list in order to fulfill all of her life wishes. On that list was: To catch bad guys with the police.

The Denver Police Department granted that wish, getting Olivia geared up in uniform and in a squad car with an officer.

“With her medical condition, we’ve called 911 several times,” explains Gant.

“Every time the ambulance comes, the police respond. She wanted to be just like the ones that come help her.”

7. Nick Brazzel a 9yr old from North Georgia got his wish granted to be a police officer for a day. This was made possible by the North Georgia law enforcement led by the Georgia Department of Public Safety. He chased a stolen truck on I-75 in Catoosa county along with real cops and arrested the theft played by a local minister.

Nick has a 5-year-old brother Cooper who has a rare form of Mitochondrial Disease and suffers from hundreds of seizures daily because of which Nick’s parents cannot give him time. However they wanted him to feel very special by making him a police officer for a day.

Officers said Nick has the fortitude, compassion and hard work ethic to be a good police officer and he wants to pursue a career in law enforcement when he grows up.

8. Macey at 3yrs old from Holmen Wisconsin was made the youngest police officer for a day. Macey suffers from Leukemia and is undergoing chemotherapy. Her mother requested a tour of the Holmen Police department to uplift her spirit.

Her mother said Macey had got inspired by a police officer she had seen in the cartoon movie “Zithophia” . and she said she wants to grow up and be a cop and catch the bad guys.

Chief Shane Collins of the police department decided to do something big for Macey. She was picked up in a squad car and showed around the Holmen Wisconsin department. She was sworn in as a police officer and was given a uniform and a real badge.

Although Macey did not say much her smile said it all. Her parents were very happy and thankful for the gesture shown by the police department.

9. Ashlyne Thurber a 10yr old from Kenyon Goodhue county was sworn in as a police officer and given a badge.

Ashlyne suffers from metastatic cancer which is stage 4 cancer. Her cancer started as a tumor in her leg. She has to undergo surgeries on her leg and chemotherapy. Her parents wanted her to be a cop for a day and give her some happiness she deserves.

Kenyon police officers took her out on a patrol and she was a real cop. She arrested a man who was portraying to be cancer. She handcuffed him like a real cop.

The efforts of the police officers brought a big smile on her and her families faces.

10. SWAT officers with the Little Rock Police Department made one local boy’s dream come true with the experience of a lifetime.

Ethan, the Little Rock native, has always wanted to be a SWAT officer so on Wednesday he joined the force along with a few of LRPD’s finest.

The SWAT unit gave Ethan his own helmet, a full uniform with patches, walkie-talkies, and a flashlight. Police worked with Bennett’s Military Supplies to furnish the outfit for Ethan.

It was clear Ethan was destined to be a part of the team as he looked right at home among the officers including a K-9 officer.

11. Three-year-old Hannah Pasley of Kansas City, North, dreams of becoming a police officer when she grows up. Hannah wants her prized possession to be a police uniform, but how will she get one is the question.

So at the age of 3, with limited business skills but loads of enthusiasm she set out at earning 50 cents a glass selling lemonade. Her dream to be a police officer got a boost when dozens of officers made a surprise visit to the 3-year-old girl’s lemonade stand on Saturday.

The stand attracted so many officers, neighbors became a little alarmed why there was such a strong police presence at the small house just north of Worlds of Fun.

“At one point it was so funny because nobody had anywhere to park,” said Hannah’s aunt Ashly Rooks. “It was literally squad cars all the way down.”

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