5 Siblings In Need Of A Family Gets Adopted By A Loving Couple.

Sometimes, we all get that nagging feeling that something just has to be done. It may not be common or likely… but it just HAS to be done. And sometimes it has to be done for the sake of others.

It was December 17, at 8:30 a.m., in Reynolds Station, Kentucky, and it was a really big day for 11-year-old Aubrey, 10-year-old Jayda, 9-year-old Preslee, 8-year-old Rylynne and 4-year-old Addison. They were all sisters, all dressed in Christmas clothing, and they were all just moments away from being adopted by one couple, James and Whitney Meserve.

Christmas came a little early, indeed, for all involved. Said one of the children: “It feels like the best gift ever.”

The couple could not have biological children, so a few years back they decided to become foster parents. They took a 7-week course so they could become foster parents, and for a few years after that, they had temporarily welcomed and taken care of a few children in their home. Had they not adopted all of the sisters at once, chances are high that they would have been split up in the system.

The official adoption, done in front of hundreds of family and friends, was streamed live to the elementary school where Whitney works so everyone there – students and teachers alike – could witness the big moment.

Says Whitney: “This was what we were supposed to do in life. We were supposed to take on kids and God really has blessed us with these kids.”

Adds James: “Now we get to begin the year with happiness and end the year with happiness. Christmas miracles do happen. It’s happened here; it will happen elsewhere.”

And the couple are not the only ones who are happy. The oldest, Aubrey, said she feels relieved and now looks forward to what her future holds. Jayda said the siblings no longer have to worry about moving or changing schools.

Says Jayda: “It feels great to know that we are in a stable home and we know everyone.”

Even with adopting the 5 sisters, they are not the first to be taken in by James and Whitney. Earlier in 2019, they adopted siblings Norah, who is 12, and Sebastian, who is 11.

Says Whitney: “There are kids out there that need your help. And if you feel like you can be an ounce of support for them, be that support for them.” And now Meserves are all just one big family. One really big… and special… family.

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