5-YO Terminally Ill Boy Says, “Mummy, I’m So Sorry For This,” Hours Before Dying In Her Arms

A mother understands her kids better than other individuals. Even if they try to mask their sorrow and powerlessness beneath a grin, she understands. Nothing can crush their hearts more than learning that their child is in pain. And Amber Schofield was no exception. She witnessed her son’s suffering and accompanied him on his journey.

Amber’s son Charlie Procter was diagnosed with Hepatoblastoma in February 2016. The tiny kid had already been in remission from liver cancer when he was confronted with the horrific sickness once more. His cancer battle drew the attention of thousands of people from all around the world, and his family was prepared to battle it with him.

Amber and Ben Proctor, his parents, raised $611,600 to pay for life-saving therapy in the United States. Thousands of individuals, including superstars such as Pink, contributed to Charlie’s recovery. Charlie’s physicians, however, advised them that his cancer had become incurable. He was too ill to be treated, they claimed. His parents were so distraught that they decided to celebrate his birthday early. On November 9, 2018, the 5-year-old said goodbye to the world, crushing his parents’ hearts.

Amber tweeted a farewell image of the young child only hours before his demise. She even informed the world that her helpless kid could no longer bear the anguish. As per the Facebook post, he informed his mother, “I don’t know what to do anymore” and, “Mummy, I’m so sorry for this.”

Amber expressed her grief for his suffering to users. Amber wrote that her heart was broken. She prays and wishes no kid should be experiencing the feelings that Charlie is experiencing.

The distraught mother also commented that this is the final photo she will be posting of Charlie. He worsens more and more as the days pass. He no longer resembles Charlie. Everyone should remember Charlie for who he is. She wants them to remember how he looked, how cheeky he was, how amusing he was, and how grouchy he was because Charlie isn’t any of those things at present. He’s miserable, exhausted, fed up, and despondent. He says does not know what to do anymore.

Following his death, his mother said on Facebook that Charlie, her dearest friend and her life, died last night at 23:14. He slept comfortably curled in her arms, with daddy’s arms wrapped around them. Their hearts are breaking. The world has lost a wonderful little guy. Charlie, he has given her the opportunity to be a mother.

She continued that he has not only been the greatest inspiration, but also an inspiration to countless others all around the world. Charlie, you taught her what true love entails. It’s time to fly, and she is so proud of him. He battled so hard against this. Her darling, she is in a lot of pain. She’ll never forget him, baby bum. Sweet dreams, her little angel.

His death affected not just his family, but everybody else who knew and heard about him. His school acknowledged their sadness, saying, “How can we put into words what our school community is feeling?” Charlie’s locker has been empty since September, and we have missed his cheeky smile and sense of humour. Charlie’s family is in our thoughts and prayers. School will never be the same without him.”

Rest in peace sweet soul. May the family find strength and peace to bear this painful loss.

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