56-Year-Old Mom Has the Best Response to People Shaming Her for ‘Dressing Like a Teenager’

We are all susceptible to society’s norms, and this influence has no age limit. Everybody appears to have a viewpoint on all, but this is particularly true when it comes to women’s fashion.

Lonni Pike, a 56-year-old mom with tattoos and lovely grey hair, is no stranger to such criticism — and she’s making it her goal to put shamers in their correct place.

Lonni presently has 379K TikTok followers and 46K Instagram followers, which she utilises to show off her everyday looks and encourage optimism.

She also has a lifestyle blog called Gray Hair and Tattoos, where she talks to her readers about her experience as a single parent who quit dying her hair, acquired a number of tattoos, and committed her life to living on her own terms.

The tattoos are part of her life story, Lonni explained. When she reached 30, she got her first tattoo. She was in an unhappy marriage, and they were divorced for a while. Since she felt confined and powerless, she wrapped barbed wire around her ankle. This was the start of her quest to be herself and be who she desired to be.

Lonni often posts her outfit of the day on both platforms, and they are all sleek, comfortable, and trendy.

Usually, the mom wears a tailored style with Dr. Martens or another “youthful” shoe, making her appear like “goals” virtually every day.

Being a public and honest person devoted to living life genuinely brings critics, who aren’t always nice.

One of her TikTok fans recently warned her that she was “too old to be dressed like a teenager.” Lonni isn’t usually bothered by criticism, but she felt compelled to respond to this one.

So she did what all influencers do: she responded with an uplifting video.

Pike responds to the remarks by stating that she typically ignores these “observations,” but she wants to make sure her followers aren’t deterred by hate.

To be honest, she doesn’t care what other individuals think, she remarked. Yet, it does prevent some individuals from wearing how they like.

Her message to wear whatever you wish was enthusiastically welcomed.

“Wow.. this really motivated me,” one Twitter user said. “I’ve been so preoccupied with the concept of looking older that I’d forgotten how much fun I had playing with different outfits and having fun with it…”

“I adore her,” said another. “I have long hair, and a (short-haired) woman once informed me that HER HUSBAND thinks ladies my age should not have long hair. Idgaf.”

So, if you think you have to give up your “cool card” since you’ve reached a particular age, don’t. There’s still a lot of life to live, so do it on your own terms.

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