65 Years Ago Lost Purse Finds Its Rightful Owner.

When a portion of Jefferson High School in Indiana was preparing to be demolished recently, construction workers came across something interesting… something very old.

It was a purse, and from the contents inside, it was discovered that the purse belonged to Martha Ingham, who lost her purse there way back in 1954.

Inside the purse was Martha’s ID, her Social Security card, some pictures and some Juicy Fruit wrapper. There was a basketball schedule for the school, a coral lipstick and a pin.

There also was a ticket to the prom, and a letter written by a young gentleman asking her to the big event. There was a note from her buddy back then, a guy named Carter.

There was also a bus schedule and clippings of newspaper articles back in 1954.

When the purse and its contents were found, representatives of the school system put the word out, and the hunt was on for Martha Ingham, who would now be in her 80s. And, because of someone who knew Martha’s youngest son, it wasn’t too long before she was found… in Florida, where she is retired and enjoying the good life. The purse has been sent back to Martha, who goes by the name Marty.

Says Erin Bojorquez, a public information officer with Greater Clark County Schools, “I’m thrilled I was able to connect with Marty’s family. I hope this little piece of history brings back fond memories of her years at Jeffersonville High School.” 

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