7 Yr Old Boy Sells Lemonade For 2 Years To Buy This.

A 7-year-old boy in Queensland, Australia, really wanted a horse to call his own. But his parents told him, as many will do, that he would have to save up for one all on his own. So he did. Sabastian Lucas started making lemonade and selling it to others. Then, he started selling iced tea.

He saved up all the money he made from those sales. But, aside from that, he would also save any money he got from the tooth fairy, and any money he received for his birthday or at Christmas. He was saving every penny that came his way, all going into Mason jars.

When two years had passed and Sabastian saved up $3,000, his mom, Juliana, secretly bought and had transported to her property a Welsh mountain pony named “Tom Boy.” When she presented him to Sabastian, the young boy broke down in tears.

Juliana said she was very proud of her son for his dedication in saving up all that money. And she was very proud of him for doing it all without any complaint. It was a responsibility she wanted him to own… and he did. 

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