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8-Year-Old Beaten So Bad He Goes To Hospital With Brain Injury, Police Say Bullies Won’t Be Charged

Christian Boynton’s sister, Kailee Boynton, said her brother was attacked as he arrived at Lakewood Elementary School.

They had her brother held down. He was being beaten. They beat him until he was unconscious, then proceeded to beat him, she stated. They searched his backpack.

After being discovered unresponsive in the restroom, Christian was taken to Texas Children’s Hospital.

He was hospitalized for a brain bleed and kept under observation for many hours before being discharged from the hospital. He’s anticipated to be well.

Several social media users wondered if the bullies should be prosecuted with abuse, while others demanded that their parents be held responsible.

But, according to Tomball police, they were engaged in the inquiry, but it was ruled that the students involved were too underage to be criminally liable. According to Texas law, kids under the age of 10 cannot be punished for committing crimes.

The Department of Family and Protective Help is authorized to give affairs to troubled kids as young as seven years old. They also collaborate with the children’s families.

Child Protective Services, according to Tomball police, is aiding with the inquiry.

Details of a CPS school inquiry are secret, but in this case, they would examine to establish if the kids were adequately monitored when the claimed event occurred,  Tiffani Butler, a representative for the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, stated. Once their investigation is completed, they give the information over to the school district and the TEA.

Tomball ISD announced that it was carefully examining the issue and that necessary disciplinary procedures will be taken against all individuals involved.

When questioned if disciplinary steps had been taken, a district representative stated, they are not at liberty to disclose disciplinary actions or consequences. Regrettably, they are not permitted to provide those precise facts owing to FERPA and HIPAA rules.

The district’s answer “very distressed” Kailee, who blamed the school of “underplaying the situation” and “putting it carelessly.”

Her brother, she claimed, attempted to protect himself against the bullies.

He told her, maybe they’re simply having a bad day. He is so kind and gentle that he can’t even imagine why anyone would wish to hurt or be nasty to him, she explained.

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