8 Yr Old Boy Gave All His Savings To The Teenager Diagnosed With Cancer.

8-year-old Jeffrey, a second-grader in Bradenton, Florida, really wanted a big Lego set, and he had finally saved up nearly enough – $100 – to buy it. It took him a long time to save this much… Christmas money, birthday money, allowance money… it all added up little by little. And he was just shy by $12 of getting it last year.

But about that time, he found out someone at his school, a 17-year-old boy named Richard, had just been diagnosed with cancer. So Jeffrey asked his mom to get it out of his bank so he could give it all to Richard the next day.

Says Jeffrey’s mom Meredith: “He said that cancer was more important than a Lego set.”

The next day, Jeffrey met Richard face-to-face for the first time and the little boy gave him all of his money. Richard was astonished, and understood that was a really big thing for the young boy to do. The two are now the best of friends.

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