8-Yr-Old Boy Keeps Disappearing After School, Dad Decides To Follow Him To Find Out Why.

When you see a stray dog, do you always make an effort to feed it? Every day? Probably not. You probably just hope the best for it; that some good person would take it in and take good care of it.

In the Phillipines, 9-year-old Ken Amante spotted three stray dogs on the streets. He then started going to the grocery store every day after school and buying the dog’s some food with his pocket change.

When his father found this out, he was quite touched by the kindness his son was showing toward these animals. Ken named the dogs Blackie, Brownie and Whitey. Can you guess what colors the dogs were?

After a while, they all trusted young Ken to show him some love. His dad took some photos of his son with the dogs and posted them on social media.

And in a short time, donations were coming in from all over the world to help young Ken feed those dogs and any other strays that might show up.

The youngster then created the nonprofit Happy Animals Club to help those animals. And he was able to lease a shelter for all those needy animals.

All THAT was back in 2014. Ken is now a teenager, and he’s still taking care of those animals. He has a website now and he also has many, many supporters still helping to keep those animals happy and in good shape.

He has learned that even a small act of kindness, like feeding a stray dog, can go an awful long ways, and can reach so very many.

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