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8-yr-old girl called ‘weird’ finds out she has an IQ higher than Albert Einstein.

Adhara Pérez, an eight-year-old Mexican girl, was labeled “strange” at school. She was noticeable. Adhara is a young genius, which explains why. Her bullies would have enjoyed the fact that Adhara, at the age of eight, is pursuing two online degrees in engineering.

Pérez is said to have an IQ of 162. To put that in context, her figure is somewhat higher than that of legendary geniuses Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. Both of the males were evaluated to have an intelligence quotient of 160.

Adhara was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome when she was three years old. Asperger’s syndrome is a developmental disease that is part of the autism spectrum. An individual diagnosed with the disease has difficulty managing social relationships.

The young woman claims she was made a joke of at school. Classmates and bullies referred to her as “weirdo” and “oddball.” Even her professors at school felt Adhara had no future.

She saw Adhara playing in a little home, and they locked her in. And they began chanting, ‘Oddball, weirdo!’ Nallely Sanchez, her mother, said. They then began striking the little home. So the mom told her that she didn’t wish for her to suffer.

Adhara fell into a “very profound” depression as a result of her traumatic school experiences. She didn’t want to attend to school anymore, and instructors reported that she’d simply sleep and show little interest.

Nallely saw that her daughter was unique in that she has an intellect that other children did not. Adhara has a command of mathematics and the periodic table. As a result, Nallely brought her daughter to counseling.

Nallely then brought Adhara to the Talent Care Center, as the psychiatrist had advised.

The center declared Adhara a genius. She was able to flourish in a classroom atmosphere with pupils who were likewise quite intelligent there.

Adhara completed elementary education at the age of five, middle school at the age of six, and high school at the age of eight. Adhara is now enrolled in two online degree programs. She is studying industrial engineering in mathematics and systems engineering.

Adhara was named one of Mexico’s 100 Most Powerful Women by Forbes México. She authored a book on her experiences as a “genius girl.” A young woman who became a victim of bullying.

The title of the book approximately translates as Do Not Give Up.

Pérez is also working on a smart wristband that tracks the emotions of “unusual” youngsters.

Nallely intends to take Adhara to the United States so that she may take the University of Arizona admission test. Adhana’s ideal school is there. And we know she’ll make it.

The brilliant young girl is brushing up on her English before heading to the United States to study astrophysics. The reason for this is because Adhana aspires to be an astronaut.

Meet the kid genius in the video below!

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