8Yr Old Boy Drives His 4Yr Old Sister To McDonald’s For A Cheese Burger.

We all know that once you watch a how-to video on YouTube, you’re all gung-ho to conquer something. Like…. driving a car. Ok… maybe not that.

However, that did not stop an 8-year-old boy in Ohio. He watched a how to drive video, got behind the wheel of his dad’s car after putting his 4-year-old sister inside it, and fired it up. Then, he drove to a nearby McDonald’s drive-through to get him and his sister some cheeseburgers. He handed them his piggy bank and they were stunned… and called the police.

Mom was asleep on the sofa and dad went to bed early. So it was the perfect time for a little trip to McDonald’s. The youngster actually got to the restaurant by driving through intersections and across railroad tracks, causing no accidents and apparently observing the speed limits at all times.

Police were floored and could not believe he did so well driving. Before they were taken back to their parents, both youngsters were treated to the cheeseburgers they came there for.