8Yr Old Boy Opens 24-Hour Food Pantry On His Birthday.

Most young children want toys and games for their birthdays. But not Eagle Jayagoda of Richmond, California. Eagle was worried about all of his neighbors going hungry because they had to stay in their homes for long periods of time. So he wanted to open up his very own food pantry, so they could come and take from it. He named it, “The Little Free Food Table.”

Said Eagle’s mom, Achala: “Eagle feels like doing his part in the community. You don’t have to be rich. I want him to [understand] how you can help even if you don’t have a lot.”

The 24-hour food service was opened up on Eagle’s eighth birthday, which was Aug. 24th. The boy is a third-grader at St. John Catholic School in San Francisco, and he recycles bottles to raise the money to buy the food that goes in his pantry.

Says his mother: “It’s a small thing that turned out positive. Eagle is super happy.”

But this isn’t even the first time that Eagle has worked to help others during this strange time in history. He and his family worked together with the Sri Lankan community in the bay area to send a food truck to first responders and a homeless shelter.

And even in the past, he has helped to send backpacks to children in Sri Lanka, where both of his parents were born.

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