9 Year Old Boy Survives Wilderness All Thanks To The Show “Bear Grylls”.

They may be small but kids can be pretty tough when it comes to taking care of themselves. Here are 9 stories of kids who survived the wilderness.

1. 9-year-old Grayson Wynne wandered off into the wilderness and got lost after being among a party of 15 on a hike in Ashley National Forest in Utah. But he was a smart little guy, because he watched several episodes of survivalist Bear Grylls, and he knew what to do.

He found shelter under a fallen tree for the night. Then the next day, he ripped pieces of his bright yellow jacket and tied them to trees. Searchers found him soon after.

2. Back in Utah, a 10-year-old boy named Malachi got separated from his family during an outing at Paul Lake and wandered deep into the woods. But he survived on fresh lake water and even tried… unsuccessfully… to spear a fish.

He huddled between two big rocks during the night to keep him warm. A helicopter spotted him the next day in an open area.

3. Amazingly, a 4-year-old boy survived for nearly 5 days in the wilderness of western Russia, where bears and wolves roamed. He survived by eating grass and drinking puddle water.

When finally found, he was traumatized. He was covered in ticks and mosquito bites. His survival after all that time was said to be a “miracle.”

4. A young Japanese boy survived 6 days in the wilderness after his parents made him get out of their car and start walking as punishment.

When the boy’s parents drove back a few minutes later to pick him up, he was gone. He managed to survive in an abandoned building and was found by a soldier.

5. In 2012 Russia, a boy named Sasha was discovered in a room with goats. This is where he was raised by his mother since birth. He did not know how to speak, eat or use the bathroom.

When found, he weighed significantly less than other boys of his age.

6. 12-year-old Alex was separated from his family when they ran from border guards while trying to cross into South Africa.

For eight days, he drank from watering holes and managed to avoid the predatory beasts in that area before being reunited with his parents.

7. Tserin was only 3 years old and survived for three days and nights in a Siberian forest, where temperatures were extremely low, and the threat of bears and wolves was high.

He was found in good health after having survived by eating some chocolate candy in his pocket and hiding under a large tree.

8. Karina had also gotten lost in the Siberian forest… only for her, it was for 12 days. She got lost after following her father into the forest.

Her dog, Nadia, finally led searchers to her location.

She was badly undernourished but recovered.

9. Many of the tribes in the Amazon are very superstitious and have rituals that you and I would think are… well, unsettling, to say the least.

In 1995, Hakani was born. By the age of 2, she still could not walk or talk. So, in keeping with tribal rituals to dispose of any children with abnormalities — as they were said to be cursed and without souls – the tribe’s leader ordered that the little girl should be killed.

The tribe’s normal way to kill “defective” children is to bury them alive, and little Hakani’s brother was given the gruesome task. So he struck her on the back of the head with a machete and knocked her out. Then he proceeded to bury her. But she came to, and her brother just could not bring himself to kill her. So the girl’s grandfather shot her with an arrow, but she survived. She was then pulled from the hole and released into the jungle, where she was left to fend for herself against the wild and dangerous animals, reptiles and elements…for three years.

Finally, when Hakani was 5, a couple by the name of Suzuki pleaded with the Brazilian government to let them take the girl out of the jungle and adopt her. Their request was granted, and little Hakani was rescued and given a home with lots of love.

Today, she is a 22-year-old woman who laughs and sings and dances. By the way, the little girl’s name, Hakani, means “smile.” And if a little girl… like that… who was a little slow with walking and talking… can survive something as horrendous as was done to her, then I’d say we can ALL smile, count our blessings and realize our lives aren’t so bad after all.

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