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90-yr-old woman makes over 100 handmade quilts for those in need this year.

The majority of 90-year-olds are reaping the benefits of their effort, taking it easy and living life in the slow lane.

But Bonnie Engle, 90, is busier than he’s ever been, creating quilts for poor families in Oregon.

The Hermiston resident began the practice 20 years ago as part of the Hermiston Police Department’s annual Christmas Express program, which offers food and assistance to families during the holidays.

Since then, the dedicated senior has created almost 2,000 quilts for the police force.

Officers recognized her actions by awarding her with a plaque.

This year, Bonnie has sewn over 100 handmade quilts to donate to people in need.

Bonnie expressed that it feels fantastic to be able to help them. Thank you to the community for the fabric contributions; that’s truly something that’s extremely essential,” Bonnie said.

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