93-yr-old woman arrested because senior home said she wasn’t paying rent, woman says it’s a lie.

A 93-year-old woman residing in a senior living facility was evicted by cops for failing to pay her rent for 3 months. After being violently pulled out of the premises, Juanita Fitgerald was left traumatised. Fitzgerald was apparently notified multiple times that she would be evicted, yet she declined to gather her possessions and go when the day came.


Welcome to Trump’s America 93-YEAR-OLD JAILED: Juanita Fitzgerald forcibly taken into custody for failing to heed an eviction notice after allegedly falling short on rent.

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She stated, “Unless you carry me out of here, I’m not going anywhere.” The lady screamed as she was led away from the residence by police, according to bodycam footage. According to the report, she fell out of her chair and onto the floor on purpose and refused police’ attempts to pull her up. She was arrested on trespassing charges.

Adrianna Iwasinski, an investigator, met with the elderly woman following her arrest. The elderly woman was dressed in an orange jumpsuit with shackles around her wrists and arms. Her arms had wounds as well. Fitzgerald refuted the charges that she did not pay her rent since she believed she would die shortly. She claimed she attempted to pay rent in October but was turned down.

The elderly woman reported that the assisted living home offered her help and attempted to locate her another place to live, but she declined. “I don’t know anyone.” “My family is in Tennessee, and I instructed them not to tell my son anything,” she explained. “I don’t want them to assist me.” I don’t require any assistance. Fitzgerald pointed to the sky and remarked, “I’ve got all the support I need.”

93-year-old Juanita Fitzgerald has a birthday coming up Friday. She is currently being held in the Lake County Jail on a $500 bond. Here’s why:

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Fitzgerald was freed on her own recognisance just before her birthday, according to a Lake County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson. She spent her birthday in a hotel room courtesy to Nicole Lett, who had previously worked with several of Fitzgerald’s neighbours. Lett explained that she just couldn’t keep her in jail any longer. Fitzgerald is 94 years old and still as fiery as ever. She doesn’t want anyone’s aid; she prefers to be on her own. But, sadly, she requires assistance right now since she no longer has anything.

Netizens have been surprised and angered at how the elderly woman was handled throughout the incident. One commenter said in the comments, “I can’t believe the building she resided in refused to take her money!” The woman was three months late, and no one considered that a 96-year-old woman may have forgotten! Another person commented, “She’s truly in a wheelchair; what sort of power does she have against an armed cop?” She’s 94 years old; don’t touch or disrespect the elderly in this manner. A third person commented, “Man, they shouldn’t have arrested her.” She doesn’t have much time left, and she needs to enjoy it freely. Another enraged netizen stated, “If anybody touches my granny like that, trust me, I’d be on death row.”

Eustis woman, arrested on trespassing charges, released from jail, one day before 94th birthday! We’ll hear from her and former neighbors on #TV27at10 & #WFTVat11 WFTV Channel 9

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