9Yr Old Witnesses A Child Being Sold Rushes To Inform Her Cop Father.

Children should be cherished and cared for. However, in our world, there are terrible people who use children to fulfill their evil ambitions. Human trafficking is a scourge, a crime against humanity. Read the article to find out how this child’s vigilance saved the girl’s life, and remember to be more cautious in our surroundings.

Source: Reddit

When I was 9, my family had to flee in the middle of the night. My father was a police officer and he had shot a gang member when the gang member tried to attack him. They made a threat to bomb our house and so we left in the middle of the night to get away.

We drove as far north in our state as far as we could go- Ft. Collins, Colorado..this was in the 1970s.

There were 8 of us kids, spanning from the age of 3 to 17. We ended up at a hotel off of the highway. It was the type of hotel that had an indoor pool surrounded by rooms with a balcony.

So me and a couple of my siblings went down to the pool to swim while my parents watched us from the balcony.

I made friends with a girl who was also swimming. She was older than me, about 11 or 12. We all played Marco Polo, dived, raced and just were having a fun time. Let’s call her Beth. She was there with a man, who I thought was her dad, but when I asked Beth if that was her dad, she said no and she said she didn’t know what his name was!?

My siblings and I had set up our towels in lawn chairs and I went to sit on one to rest. I was very hyper aware as a child. Abnormally so. And since our family had been threatened, I was even more so. The man with the little girl sat next to me and soon he was joined by another man.

Both of these men were not dressed to swim and they looked like normal dads, even a little more upscale and rich. They began to talk about Beth.

She was on the diving board and they were discussing her body, commenting on her legs, breasts, etc., in a very sexual way. The men began negotiating a price for the girl. After a few moments, he said, “I’ll take her now, let’s go pack her things.” And the only way to describe it was that he was very excited and pleased with his ‘purchase’.

Then he fixed his eyes on me and said, “What’s her name?” The man with Beth said, “Oh, well she’s not mine, but what do you want her name to be?” And they laughed. I became very uncomfortable.

I was terrified and I looked up and saw my mom looking down at me. She beckoned for me to come upstairs and I grabbed my towel and told my siblings to come with me. The man with Beth told her to get out of the pool. She didn’t want to go and they had a tense moment. The other man spoke up and told her that she was coming with him and to get out of the pool. Beth got out and my last view was her walking out of the pool area with the two men.

When I got up to our room I told my dad. He went to the front desk, asking about the girl and they did not want to get involved. My father walked around the hotel looking for them.  He called the local police and got both the men arrested. When I asked my father, was it true of what I thought? He just hugged me and told me “Dear you really saved a soul today”.

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