A 25-YO Man Is Marrying an 85-YO Woman With 8 Kids: “This Is My Choice, This Is My Happiness”

Muyiwa, 25, is married to Thereza, an 85-year-old lady. The woman’s eight children and Muyiwa’s friend Kakule oppose the marriage, but the pair has chosen to go forward with it anyhow.

Thereza is also the landlord of Muyiwa and his buddy’s flat. He informed Afrimax that he relocated from Congo to an unnamed African country simply to finish his study at the institution. He chose to fall in love with Thereza while living on her farm and engaging with her on a daily basis.

Muyiwa believes that prior women he’s loved have been theatrical, but Thereza is different. He described the moment they fell in love with one other. He recalled being hungry one Friday when his colleague was not present, and they had no food. He was quite frail. And then the old lady appeared out of nowhere and handed him some lunch. She arrived and served him with excessive attention. 

This was only one example of Thereza’s kindness to him. He said he grew to love her because of how she acted and treated him. Even if she is an elderly woman who may be his grandma, who cares? He adores her.

Users on YouTube had differing perspectives on the couple’s large age gap. ‘Among all things that bother me in life, 2 adults living life together is something I couldn’t care less about,’ one person said. And to those who criticise them, have a life, maybe work more, and you’ll have less time to criticise happy people.” “What a great tale, and it just goes to show that no matter where you are in the world, the heart knows what it wants regardless of others’ perspectives,” said another.

According to a third user, “It’s wonderful to be loved and to love. Despite the age difference, hearing her laugh makes me feel better, and she deserves all the enjoyment she can have, particularly considering her age.”

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