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A Cat, A Dog, A Guinea Pig And A Bunny Walk Into A Bar. Wow! Check Video At 19 Seconds

Today we share an unconventional friendship between species. It’s the sort of thing that comedians write two bit jokes about. One nurturing, and possibly talented, pet owner, has made it so that a cat and a pit bull, named Sharky, are living together with a really small rabbit, and a guinea pig.
Maybe it is just the result of living in a very peaceful home? Or it is possibly thanks to the owner conditioning them to live together. Whatever the case, all four animals live in the same house and get along just fine.
Sadly, it seems that the guinea pig, Penelope had already passed on. In fact, given the age of this video, it should be no surprise if many of the animals here have also lived out their natural lives, or at least look different. Whatever the case, they led fulfilling, happy lives in a truly unusual household.

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