A Diver Frees An Entangled Sea Turtle. I Love How The Turtle Came Back To Give Thanks To The Diver.

Who doesn’t like turtles? We have a quick little video for you of a small turtle rescue. Said turtle got one of its front legs caught in some rope, and it may have been caught there for some time, looking at the marks on said leg after it was freed up. The diver did not kill time unentangling that rope, and it wasn’t long before that turtle was moving.

It did seem for a while that the turtle’s leg may have been hurting since it didn’t move too quickly, but then it made a small push, and when it saw its rescuer it swam towards him.
It is a truly magical moment, made amazing, of course, by the fact that this kind of footage is usually really hard to get. You can watch the rescue unfold here.

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