A Formal Complaint Letter Calls Out This Restaurant For Their “Ridiculous” Taco Prices Because They Pay 15 Bucks For 16-Year-Olds.

Working at a fast food restaurant is never easy; there is always the risk of burnout, frequent microaggressions from management, and, last but not least, overly assertive clients. Read this story of a restaurant receiving a formal complaint against their taco price and let us know what you would have done.

Source: Reddit


DATE: March 2022
TO: Owner/Manager

SUBJECT: No Longer A Customer


I have been a customer since the 1980’s when I first obtained my driver license. If I were to add up the monetary number of all the hard shell tacos consumed, it would be in the thousands of dollars.

I visited your store recently to purchase 3 each hard shell being informed my bill would be over $5.00. I ask the female to repeat cost, I said no thanks. I departed, making no purchase.

I recall paying $ .69 cents for this poor Mexican street food. I am done. No longer a customer. The price is simply ridiculous. I did NOT vote for Florida amendment 2 in 2020. I do not agree with paying a minimum of $15 hourly for a 16 year old kid much less a 30 year old adult to toss some lettuce, cheese and ground beef in a cheap corn fried shell. Sorry for your loss but my gain.

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