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A House Cat Approached 3 Motherless Ducklings. She Did The Most Unusual Thing Which No One Had Expected.

Is there any animal cats won’t adopt? After seeing this video, I am not so sure. Yes, you are not imagining things. That is a cat feeding three little ducklings alongside her own litter of kittens. Remember; these are six day old ducklings that we are looking at here.
One of the ducklings gave Mama a lot of trouble, when it flew out of the straw nest the owners made for them all. The mother cat had to go out and chase the little duckling, before grabbing it by the neck, tenderly, to bring back into the nest.

Having learned her lesson, the mother cat struggled for the next few minutes to get the ducklings to rest under her, but none of them would budge, presumably because they were still getting food. Mama kept pulling the ducks in, and they would keep moving away.
However, every duck has its day, and finally, all three little ducklings went back to the mother cat of their own volition, to hug and feel warm and have a good night’s sleep. It should be really interesting to see how these ducks and cats get along when they grow up.

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