A Lumberjack Ran Into A Bear With A Milk Can Stuck On Its Head. You Won’t Believe What Happened Next.

Are bears a danger to people or are people the danger to bears? We hope this video gives you some food for thought.
In this brief video, a lumberjack goes way out to the middle of the farmland, using a Forwarder, to save a bear from himself. Said black bear got a milkcan stuck in its head, and these well-meaning, if amused, lumberjacks helped in getting the milkcan off of his head.
It looks funny now, yes, but if the bear was unable to get that giant can off of him, he would have starved from not being able to feed himself. We also don’t know if the bear was suffocating, or just plain suffering inside.

Of course, you should never forget, bears are generally safer away from human contact, so when visiting areas populated by bears, make sure to clean up after yourself and never leave food or trash for bears or other wild animals.

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