‘A mum told me I mispronounced her son’s name – it’s spelt Liam’

On TikTok, a paediatric nurse tells how she mispronounced the name of a newborn named Liam.

Baby names are usually a topic of discussion, especially these days when anything goes in terms of spelling and sound.

An American nurse acknowledged on TikTok that her heavy accent has made it difficult for her to pronounce names.

However, when she read the name on her patient’s file, she didn’t think it was even possibly conceivable for her to mess this one up…

She revealed as she started to convey her experience on TikTok, she is a pediatric nurse from the deep, deep South. She is going to botch it if it’s not something very easy like Ben or Sally. So, she sees a child’s name on their computer and thinks, ‘Oh, Liam, she got this. L-I-A-M. Liam. Easy’.  She goes outside, calls the CHILD’s name, and no one moves. Call him one more nobody moves.

Finally, this mother gets up and asks, ‘Do you mean ‘Yum?’ She was like ‘No Liam.’ The mother added yes, it’s short for William.

Lindsey, who was saying the name “Lee-um” the customary way, then made a mind-boggling motion and added “boom.”

She also tagged the video with the hashtag #namefail.

The video has been seen over 3 million times and has around 200K likes, with some individuals baffled by the mother’s pronunciation.

“Liam was the name of my son. Yum is his new name, “One amused parent said.

“As a mother of a Liam, I am disturbed,” a bemused mother of a child named Liam said.

The video clip quickly went viral, with over three million views and over 196,000 likes.

Many started sharing their own unique names and pronunciations.

“I had a pupil called Justin with the surname Case. ‘My mother believes she has a sense of humour,’ he remarked “someone else said, referring to Justin Case’s full name.

Another medical practitioner made a mistake with their nickname while at work.

“I had a patient named L-A, so I dialed LA. Mum instantly corrected me, saying it was pronounced Ladasha, and did I miss the dash? OK, then.”

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