A Paralyzed Cat & An Abandoned Dog Are Best Friends. OMG, This Is The Most Touching Story I’ve Ever Heard.

A charity has unwittingly set things up for an unusual, but tender, friendship. Since being picked up by animal services and housed in the same facility. Idgie, a dachshund , shares a special friendship with Ruth, a cat. Ruth happens to be partly paralyzed, unable to move her limbs correctly, but still capable of limited locomotion.

The charity named them after characters from 1991 film Fried Green Tomatoes, to commemorate the friendship they have. Relationships between cats and dogs are not completely unusual, but this one is. Idgie goes out of his way to share his toys with Ruth, and whenever other dogs show up, he is always there to keep her safe.

Idgie and Ruth are very popular in the community, frequently visiting them and giving them gifts. It is the sort of friendship you wish more people could find with each other in real life, which is probably why it fascinates us.

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