A Prarie Dog Was Stuck In His Hole. His Little Arms Flailing Around For Help Are Adorable.

They had to stop in the middle of the road after finding a gerbil (possibly a Mongolian gerbil) stuck in a hole. You can see the gerbil struggling to get out with its forelegs and squirming, and simply being unable to do so. It could actually look funny, only the gerbil was also in grave danger because of where it was.

Fortunately, the travelers who took this video recognized the danger, and took action, First, the woman went out to check on the animal, and then, the man came carrying a towel, and a hand camera for good measure (possibly a phone). Using the towel, they safely got the gerbil out of that tiny hole. The little fella did not have time to say its thanks and scampered off, but we all know it could not express just how much it was grateful.

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