A To Be Mommy Was Saved Through Donations From Around The Country. Thank You For Fostering.

What do you think is the worst thing you could do to a mother? We are introducing you to a desperate story, with a thankfully happy ending. A pregnant dog, repeat, a pregnant dog, was in danger of being put to sleep, but thanks to the efforts of some true animal lovers, who raised $1000, and the generosity of some adopters, the mother, and her pups, were to secure a happy, safe home.

Now comes the staggering part, as Mary’s escape from death leads to a new story, a new life as a mother. This story remains bittersweet, but in many ways also brave, surprising, and as we are known for in the site, very, very heartwarming. You will want to hold on to your pets for this one, and hope all animals in dire human-controlled conditions will escape them.
Without further ado (and avoiding big spoilers) you can read the story below.


She was scared at first.



And then the first of eight arrived after two days. 🙂



You’d be happy to know, the pups have already been adopted. Share this story with your friends by clicking below.

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