A Wild Bobcat Got Tangled Pretty Badly In A Fence. The Amount Of Effort Rescuers Put In Their Work Is Just Heartwarming.

When the awesome people at Big Cat Rescue received a call that a wild bobcat was found tangled & struggling in a backyard fence, they rushed to the property to help! When they found the wild bobcat in this precarious situation they had no other option but to sedate him because he clearly needed serious help.

The bobcat, later named Fencer was sedated and transported to ACT (Animal Coalition of Tampa) to be examined. Amazingly Fencer did not suffer major injuries, but he did have a broken toe which required 6 weeks of rest at Big Cat Rescue before they could release him back into the wild! I don’t want to imagine a world without these bobcats or the rescuers, this story just made me really happy.




They later took him to their rehab center where he was taken care off for six weeks.


Poor cat’s toe was badly injured which needed a small operation.




They moved him to a bigger cage where they could check his progress with a camera. He recovered really well.



After running back into the wild as fast as he could he later gave the rescuers one last look which they interpreted as a “Thank You.”

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