“A Woman Tried To Get Me Fired From My Job Because Her Husband Hit On Me.”

Source: Reddit

I am a F(21) and a manager at a local pawn shop while I am in school. The work environment is pretty casual, sort of “come as you are” type of deal. I was wearing shorts, flowery semi-opaque tights, shorts, and a long sleeve v neck shirt to work one day. A woman and her husband approached me and asked if I could show them some jewelry. I happily obliged, and as I’m showing his wife rings and necklaces, he starts to make comments to me that are obviously suggestive, and stares very intently at my chest. His wife, noticing his behavior, turned to me and said “I don’t understand how you got a job here dressing like a stripper.”

I was kind of shocked, and fumbled out generic customer service response. They left, and a few hours later I get a call from my district manager saying a woman filed a complaint about me and that I am no longer allowed to wear shorts at work.

It’s sad that her response was not directed at her husband for acting like a fool, but towards me. Sexual harassment from customers in my workplace (and most other retail/service settings) is an all too common occurrence. At least this one didn’t try to grab me I suppose

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