Abandoned Baby Deer Found Missing A Leg. Watch What These Dogs Do To Him.

Little Rudie the deer has had a rough life, almost from the get-go. At only 2 days old, one of his front legs was severed in some freak accident. But strangers were able to get the little guy to an animal hospital just in time so his leg could be safely amputated.


But little Rudie was now a little deer without one of his legs. Who would care for him? It just so happened that one of the vet technicians fell in love with little Rudie, and she felt that he would be a perfect fit in her home. For the first few days at the tech’s home, Rudie was very nervous and skittish, which can be pretty common among deer.


But the tech was sure that Rudie would calm down soon and be a great addition to her home. After a while, Rudie got used to this strange new home and he started learning to walk with his three legs. He even started running and playing with other animals at the tech’s home, like the dogs there.


Rudie is now a sheer joy to watch and he seems to bring so much happiness to everyone he meets, even those at nursing homes. He may be missing a leg, but his life, now, is complete.

Learn more about Rudie’s powerful journey and his hopeful future in the video below. He’s proof that just because an animal is injured, doesn’t mean that it can’t live a full and happy life.

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