Abusive Boyfriend Threw All Her Belongings On The Front Lawn When She Decided To Leave Him.

I couldn’t even go anywhere by myself at night, to a gas station or anything. Everything in the apartment we shared was gray, gray, gray. I’ve never been able to express myself because we had to agree on everything and nothing could be “girly”.

I broke up with him in January which took a lot of determination, and he threw everything I owned on the front lawn. At the lowest point in my life, sleeping on a friend’s couch, I decided to do something crazy. I got on Zillow and looked at places for sale in my hometown. I found a historic farmhouse that needs a lot of restoring for an insanely cheap price, with a lot land.

Now I’m home, I can breathe, and I can literally do anything to my house that I want to. I bought classy, yet fun tile for my bathroom that has flowers all over it. I painted my bedroom purple. I’m doing a decidedly 70’s theme in my kitchen and I just put stick on vinyl all over my fridge with huge sunflowers on it. Like, I’m going wild.

I can leave my house at any time and come and go as I please. I can go to Walmart at 2am on a Saturday for Ben and Jerry’s if I have a random craving, and no one is going to scream at me and threaten me for it. It may sound stupid to some, but it just made me break down in happy tears after bouncing all around my living room to classic rock.

I’m just loving life.

Source: Reddit

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