ACT OF BRAVERY: Deputy puts himself between speeding wrong-way driver and innocent people

Last week, a Colorado sheriff’s deputy utilized his patrol car to stop a speeding incorrect-way motorist, “courageously” placing himself in danger for the wellbeing of other vehicles, according to police. The Adams County Sheriff’s Office said officers answered just after 11 p.m. Monday to a call from the Colorado State Patrol regarding a wrong-way vehicle in the eastbound lanes of I-70.

While officers were able to prevent traffic ahead of the fast car in the hopes of preventing a collision, the wrong-way motorist kept driving toward them. The sheriff office said that one officer boldly put himself and his car in danger ahead of the halted vehicles to meet the approaching vehicle and permitted himself to be struck so that the other vehicles would not be injured. The accident sent the two cars flying over 140 feet and into the path of a halted semi-truck.

The crash smashed the rear of the police car and shattered its rear doors, while the front end of the wrong-way vehicle was totally crushed in, according to photos posted online by the sheriff’s office.

Fortunately, neither the deputy, the motorist, nor anybody else on the highway had any serious wounds as stated by the sheriff’s office, adding that doctors treated both the policeman and the wrong-way driver as a precaution.

According to the sheriff’s office, the event may have turned deadly if it hadn’t been for the deputy’s brave efforts. The sheriff’s office stated that they are grateful that the only casualties were the automobiles involved. There is no doubt that multiple vehicles would have been hit at high speeds and lives would have been lost if the deputy had not acted quickly and bravely.

Officials did not immediately explain why the driver was driving on the wrong side of the road. It was unclear what, if any, charges the driver would face.

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