Actress Jameela Jamil Encourages Men To Support Abortion To Avoid ‘Child Support Payments’ And ‘Lifelong Fatherhood’

This week, actress and social justice campaigner Jameela Jamil urged males to embrace abortion in order to escape “lifelong fatherhood and child support payments.”

Jamil took to Instagram to criticize pro-lifers as part of a patriarchal scheme to harm women, while simultaneously adding that not all pregnant individuals are women. The “The Good Place” actress also focused on males, illustrating how they should support abortion in order to avoid liability.

In a 9-page Instagram picture, Jamil posed, “Do YOU want no way out of permanent fatherhood and child support payments because a condom broke, regardless of whether you’re a teenager?” 

She said the males she know who have had partners/one night stands who have had abortions have also lived with enormous relief and appreciation, since they were not in the frame of mind to emotionally/financially rear a kid.

While not all pregnant “people” are women, Jamil said, opposing abortion is ultimately against women.

The 36 year old wrote, not everyone, but the majority of people who will become pregnant are women. This is a patriarchal approach used to restrict and exploit women’s independence. Stopping development, derailing one’s education, derailing one’s freedom, forcing into poverty where one may be abused and injured with no protection.

Jamil really dropped Daily Wire anchor Candace Owens from an appearance on the actress’ show in January 2020 because Owens stated that only women can get pregnant.

Jamil denied the offer when the conservative tweeted, “only women can give birth.” Jamil claims that such a biologically correct comment made her transgender employees feel “unsafe.”

Owens stated at the time on social media, she is sorry to inform that Jameela Jamil has cancelled her invitation to her podcast since Owen posted ”only women can give birth.”  Apparently, her trans co workers felt ‘unsafe’ as a result of her comments.

Jamil wrote that she exploited her 2 million-strong platform to disparage an innocent young trans couple expecting a child. Instigating mockery and hatred. As a result, she is unable to appear on my program. She is  willing to discuss alternative viewpoints, but willful bullies are not welcome on her forum. Jamil ended by saying she is not sorry.

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