Adopted Dog Gets Rejected By The Family.

When a family in Russia adopted a 5-month-old bull mastiff, they had no idea how much he would affect their allergies in such a bad way. So soon they decided to contact the owner of the kennel where they adopted the dog from.

The owner, a woman named Alla, agreed to take the dog back. So the family put the dog on a train to take it 125 miles across Siberia. But during the ride, the train made a quick stop, and that’s when the dog, named Maru, worked its way through a closed door and jumped from the train. The only thing on her mind was getting back to her owners.

When train officials informed Alla about the missing dog, she contacted the owners and asked them to help in searching for her. But they told her they were not interested in helping at all.

Says Alla: “That angered me. The owners were not upset at all, like, well, the dog is lost and that’s all right. That was their answer. They gave the dog away and the load fell off their shoulders.”

But the concern by Alla was very deep. Fortunately, after only two days of searching for Maru, volunteers found her before any of the bears and wolves could. Other than a few minor injuries, she was fine.

Says Alla: “I’m sure that she was looking for her house. Dogs are very attached to people…. She wanted to go back where she lived. It is surprising that she went the right way. Geographically, she had no reference points at all. And to make her away through the wild taiga, it is an amazing case.”

Maru is now back at the kennel, and Alla is hoping one day soon she will end up with the perfect family.

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