Adorable Bond Of A 4Yr Old Sick Boy With The Janitor Who Cleans His Room.

4-year-old Cooper Baltzell was born with a digestive disorder that affects the large intestine. So he was spending a lot of time at the hospital. One day, the janitor on Cooper’s floor, Gregory Watson, signaled for Cooper to come with him, and he led him to a popcorn machine inside the hospital. And Gregory bought him a bag of popcorn.

Ever since that moment, Cooper has looked up to Gregory like a hero, and he calls him his best friend. Cooper liked Gregory so much that he started imitating him, and his parents even had to buy him a small mop so he could mop the floors in his home… just like Gregory.

Cooper is now staying more and more at home, and often, when he does something at home to merit a reward, he asks his parents to take him to the hospital so he can visit with his best friend.

Says Gregory: “I cleaned his room every day. He’s always happy. He’s just in my heart.” 

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