After 47 Years, Man Gets REUNITED With His High School Crush.

Most people may recall that man who kept a Christmas gift his girlfriend gave him more than 45 years ago.

He kept it unopened, and pulled it out every Christmas just to look at it and reminisce. But many may not know that finally, after 47 years, he opened it. But first things first. That man is Adrian Pearce, who is now 60 years old and lives in Toronto, Canada. His girlfriend back when he was a teenager was Vicki.

She gave him a present 47 Christmas seasons ago and the very next day she broke up with him and went on with her life. Adrian was heartbroken, and decided not to open her gift that year… or the year after… or the year after that. Some of reason was that he wanted to keep those happy thoughts about the relationship, and some of it was feelings of that anger he had back then.

Then, after more than 4 decades, word started getting out that Adrian had that special gift that he kept the purple wrapping paper on for all those years. And Adrian became big news because of it, with most people urging him to open it to see what it was inside.

So after all the years and the prodding, Adrian decided that he would. But first, Adrian and Vicki were reunited for the big event in British Columbia, and, since there was so much interest in it, the present would be opened during a charity event.

So when everything was all set, Adrian opened the gift that had caused so much curiosity over the years. It was a small book and it was called “Love Is: New Ways To Spot That Certain Feeling.” And there it was.

Now all the guessing was over. But even though the gift was now out in the open, there was another chapter that had to be written about it. 47 Christmas seasons ago, Vicky was out shopping and looking for something special for Adrian, and she came across the book, and bought it. But at the very same time, while out shopping for Adrian, Vicky met another young man and he kissed her. And that was pretty much the end of the relationship between Adrian and Vicky. It’s a pretty sad story. But it does have its silver lining. Adrian later got married to someone else, and they have been happily married since. And after meeting Vicky for the big gift opening, Adrian realized that she had become someone totally different than he remembered.

So, in all, it’s probably a good thing their relationship ended when it did. And it became the gift that truly kept on giving for Adrian and many others as more and more time passed by.

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